We not only care how MS HD POWER improves your system; we intend to keep you enjoy our products with safe and performance through our comprehensive after-sales services and Lift-time warranty.

» Online Warranty Registration

Note: This link will direct you to our online registration page at www.winbo.com)

Terms & Conditions

  • Customer must complete online registration within 14 days from the date of purchase upon request of warranty service.
  • Warranty is not applicable under the following circumstances:
    • Misuse, negligence or abuse of the product;
    • Defects caused by accident, fire, earthquake, deluge, calamity, in transit, decay by chemical deterioration and improper voltage source;
    • Defects caused by unfavorable environment due to grease, heat, dust, humid,direct sunlight etc;
    • The company is not liable to lost and damages whatsoever directly or indirectly caused by the breakdown and/or malfunction of the product;
    • Repair, modification, and / or alteration done by unauthorized personnel;
    • Defects caused by the connection of accessories or additional installation to the product;
    • Absence of purchase invoice;
    • Incompletion, alteration and/or deletion of the contents of purchase invoice.
  • This warranty registration is valid only in Hong Kong and Macau.
  • We reserve the right to change the terms of this warranty registration without prior notice.