78K Impassion Treatment Technology

Water current and electric current have the same principle for the quality treatment and circuitry. Technical people who understand the theory of electric current also understand the theory of water current due to the same principle. Clean water must be filtered before it is drinkable. Similarly, electricity must be filtered to become clean. This electricity cleaning process is called "filtering" which is a mandatory process for cleaning electricity. People with of lack of technical knowledge might worry about the magnitude of filtered electric current will be decreased or compressed which is a disadvantage to enthusiasts’ equipment.

It has to be admitted that using a small filtering device will decrease flow rate of water current. Likewise, using an inappropriate power supply treatment device will also decrease the electric current flow rate. Therefore, enthusiasts must pay attention to the design, brand name, brand reputation, quality and prices when choosing a good power filtering device for their equipment.

MS HD POWER always strive to study, research and develop premium quality products. They focus on power filtering, without affecting delivery of tremendous amount electric current to Hi Fi equipment. Hence, enthusiast's expensive equipment can exploit its talent thoroughly. It took two years for MS HD POWER to obtain both the UK BS1363 AND BS5733 approvals on their products. Their unique Advanced Power Repulsive Resonance Technology (PRRT) helps their filtering products to have great performance.

What is PRRT?
Domestic appliances use alternating current which is generated by electric power company using power generator with electromagnetic induction theory. Other than Hi Fi equipment, domestic appliances like refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, television set, and electric fan, also use alternating current as power supply. Most of these appliances use induction motors. Every time when these induction motors start up and running, they create sudden spikes and phase lag to the electric circuitry around the house. As Hi Fi equipment is also connected to the same electric circuit, they will be affected and cannot exploit its talent (perform to maximum level).

PRRT is a unique technology that fixes the spikes, surge and phase lag contained in electric circuit from around the house. It adjusts the sinusoidal wave form and corrects the phase angle of electric current in order to allow enthusiast’s equipment to exploit its talent thoroughly.

Premium quality parts and components are carefully picked by MS HD POWER from Europe. Terminals, contacts and IEC connectors are electroplated with 1 micron precious rhodium. Extra strong high spring rate phosphor bronze terminal clips also plated with 1 micron precious rhodium as well. Internal wiring use 4 sq. mm plated with 999 sterling silver strong enough to carry 32 Amp electric current, soldered together manually. These designed configuration is good enough to carry up to 5,000 Watt load. Premium quality overload reset switch, extra thick heavy duty metal case with brass material vibration absorb spikes installed. With these professional configuration, enthusiasts can connect all of their equipment to MS HD POWER military grade filter sockets without worrying about overload, overheat, and supplied clean power being compressed. That gives you a familiar feeling of driving a Lamborghini super car which gives you unlimited power you needs.

Managing Director and Executive Chief Engineer of MS HD POWER is Mr. Simon Yau, also Head of Research and Development Team. Mr. Yau studied Electrical and Mechanical Engineering in the USA and Canada in early eighties. He has extensive experience in R&D and manufacturing. He also holds a Master Degree of Business Administration (EMBA), a very famous combined program by Chicago North Western University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He specializes in applying Western Countries’ advanced technology to R&D as well as management to run enterprise. MS HD POWER keep launching new and sophisticated products to markets around the globe.

Recently, MS HD POWER cooperated with a UK deep cryogenic treatment specialist, developed a new cryogenic treatment called “78K Impassion Treatment Technology”. The technology is designed to pinpoint the risen of quality and quantity of electric current flow in the products.

What is 78K?
People would think of -196 degree Celsius when talking about cryogenic treatment. Celsius is normally used by observatory when describing weather temperature. Scientists use Kelvin (K) to represent temperature unit. Zero Kelvin means absolute zero of temperature, or -273 degree Celsius. Hence, -196 degree Celsius should be read as 77K, much simple and professional.

Why does MS HD POWER name their cryogenic technology as 78K rather than 77K? It is because their treatment technology is not using 77K temperature, they use a very special technology namely “78K Impassion Treatment Technology” to emphasize uniqueness.

Normal cryogenic treatment uses liquid nitrogen as treatment media. Cryogenic treatment can be divided into two types of method: wet type and dry type. Wet type makes the metal parts inside liquid phase nitrogen while wet type makes the metal parts inside vapor phase nitrogen. Liquid phase nitrogen treats metal parts rapidly but temperature control cannot be easily achieved. Vapor phase nitrogen treats metal parts slowly but temperature control can easily be controlled. Rapid decrease of temperature makes metal parts to have residual stress which affects the electric conductivity of metal parts. Slow and consistent decrease of temperature avoids residual stress in metal parts, hence increases electric conductivity of metal parts.

Deep cryogenic treatment does affect the arrangement of crystal structure inside metal parts in a rather small scale. That’s why MS HD POWER did not cryogenically treat their metal parts in the past time. In 2014, MS HD POWER put up a research on metal part treatment in associate with a deep cryogenic treatment expert in UK. They successfully achieved a unique method to increase electric conductivity of metal parts, “78K Impassion Treatment Technology”.

Why this UK company? Because of their expertise, specialize in military grade deep cryogenic treatment. A few examples to explain:

1) ROLLS ROYCE UK, manufacturer of jet engines;
2) BAE SYSTEMS UK, manufacturer of military and aerospace products;
3) TANNOY UK, manufacturer of advance premium speakers.

At the beginning of the research, very small amount of %IACS was achieved initially. It was found that no more %IACS could be increased no matt how long of the treatment time is being increased. After tremendous hard work efforts being put into this research until they found a method, i.e., cryogenic and heat treatment, surprised everybody. Both MS HD POWER and the UK expert closely involved in the whole progress. This unique scientific technology is being claimed to be the best and efficient method in the whole wide world.

Each metal part inside MS HD POWER’s products is treated by this dry type deep cryogenic treatment nanometer technology, followed by special heat treatment. This increases the electric conductivity of copper material by 28%, from 53%IACS to 68%IACS. Of course, temperature and duration of treatments are the key part of this timely and costly research progress.

After treatment, metal parts and accessories will be delivered to their ISO9000 certified factory owned by MS HD POWER. Each experienced craftsman will precisely assemble so that performance of each product can be maintained to maximum level. Enthusiasts’ equipment can also exploit to its utmost.

By the way, MS HD POWER “78K Impassion Treatment Technology” products have been used as power supply treatment for professional AV equipment during numerous live concerts held in Hong Kong. These concerts include famous professional singer Johnny Yip’s Concert held at Hong Kong Cultural Center in March 2015 and Dr. Koo Glorious Concert at Hong Kong Coliseum in May 2015. Hong Kong chanticleer singer Johnny Yip had been addressed to open public that his private sound recording chamber uses MS HD POWER “78K Impassion Treatment Technology” products as power supply treatment to his equipment for master CD producing and found that the quality has been increased significantly.

No doubt that MS HD POWER products are proven to be the best choice for enthusiasts to connect their delicate equipment. Once again, there is no way whatsoever for products of MS HD POWER to have so called “compressed” power happened on any of the products, not in the past, not in the present, not in the future.

Please note, the information given here is kept as up to date as possible, however small production changes in the course of improvement through our ongoing research and development policy may arise. If clarification of any point is required please refer to your local authorised dealer or email support@mshdpower.com